Message from the President

“Together create a peace of mind not yet known”
Through “CSV x DX”, we aim to become a company that continuously supports customers, communities, and society at large.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.Keisuke Niiro, President Representative Director

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
Keisuke Niiro, President Representative Director

 Allow me to introduce myself─I am Keisuke Niiro, newly appointed President of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company effective from April 1, 2022. Taking this opportunity, let me say a few words.

 I would like to start by offering my profound sympathy to all those affected by the earthquake that occurred in the Tohoku district and similarly all those facing hardship due to the ongoing international conflict.

 Due partly to the effects of COVID-19, which has still been wreaking havoc around the globe, our lifestyles have changed at a stroke. Furthermore, in the face of climate change and global warming and many industries subsequently stepping up initiatives for achieving carbon neutral status or decarbonization, our business environment has been changing significantly at an unprecedented speed. Against such a backdrop, insurance is required to evolve─importantly, we need to generate new value in various areas through ideas that go beyond existing ones, anecdotes that highlight the necessity of taking advantage of trailblazing products/services, and a sense of urgency, thereby contributing to achieving a better future for all.

 In FY22, we will launch a new medium-term business plan (through FY25). Emphasis will be on creating new value, reinforcing our existing distinctive growth bases, and further advancing innovation, diversity, and community focus that we have been honing.

 The plan’s core concept is “CSV x DX” (read “CSV by DX”). This is a concept where, through facing unknown risks and community challenges and creating insurance products and new services to solve them in every business at home and abroad, we can help build a safe, secure, and comfortable new society. This reflects our company's strong will to create new value in insurance through utilizing DX as well as to accelerate creation of common value with society based on data obtained and know-how, thereby generating CSV (creating shared value) in various areas.

 One typical example of “CSV x DX” is telematics auto insurance. Besides providing usual compensation at the time of an accident, through digital transformation utilizing telematics technology, telematics auto insurance has added new value by preempting accidents and reducing accident damage as well as supporting recovery. Since the start of sales, services that lead to safe driving, and a mechanism that evaluates such and gives insurance premium discounts, have resulted in high customer satisfaction as well as an actual reduction in auto accidents. In addition, this insurance has been exhibiting value as insurance that addresses community challenges. For example, through analyzing an enormous amount of driving data and accident data, highlighting information about dangerous roads and notifying the authorities accordingly, we have been utilizing this insurance to assist building safer and more secure communities. Safe driving is promoting eco-driving that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and a concurrent reduction in auto accidents is resulting in a decline in repair parts and waste, thereby contributing to the global environment. This cutting-edge insurance has been well-received by customers─telematics auto insurance contracts exceeded one million as of end-September 2021, approached 1.5 million as of end-March 2022, and continue to increase. In this way, we have been working on solving the community challenges with our customers through our products/services.

 We will promote “CSV x DX” not only in auto insurance but also other insurance lines and services in all business areas with focus on communities at home and abroad and continue to create new value that customers can relate to. In pursuing our “CSV x DX” strategy, the most important management base is human assets and anecdotes that highlight the necessity of taking advantage of trailblazing products/services created by them. Above all, we consider “diversity and inclusion” as important and position it as a key management strategy. An environment in which individuals from various backgrounds gather, utilize their respective talents, and openly embrace challenges will be key to continue generating new value in an age of rapid change. All our officers and employees will combine their individual areas of expertise and passions centering on “CSV x DX” and strive to create an environment that can tackle challenges on a global basis.

 With these thoughts in mind, we chose “Together create a peace of mind not yet known” as the catch phrase of “CSV x DX”. To this end we will continue to pursue community focus and, together with customers at home and abroad, communities themselves, and society at large, as well as all stakeholders, will accelerate “CSV x DX” in support of our collective future on a global basis.

 We hope for your further patronage and support.

 Thank you.