Message from the President

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.Yasuzo Kanasugi, Director and President

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
Yasuzo Kanasugi, Director and President

We aim to become 'a unique company with a distinctive character' where cheerful and energetic employees provide full support to customers.

I wish to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the many affected by a series of natural disasters—earthquakes, record heavy rainfall, and large-scale typhoons—in FY2018 and FY2019.

It goes without saying that we are doing all in our power to process and meet claim payments quickly, all the while dealing carefully and respectfully with those affected. Based on these experiences, going forward we intend to establish a system which enables us to make claim payouts, even when confronted with multiple large-scale natural events, as promptly as during normal times.

Our AD Vision 2021 medium-term business plan identifies six cross-functional projects on which to focus: telematics and mobility services, ICT, revitalizing local economies, new risks, corporate culture innovation, and the newly added area of national catastrophe claims management. Centering on these projects, we will continue to pursue innovation, diversity, and community focus as we establish ourselves as 'a unique company with a distinctive character'.

As for 'innovation', we have launched Japan's first Pay How You Drive car insurance that supports safe driving and provides accident support by utilizing real-time location information obtained through our in-car device. We have also published a new series of web videos to expand customer awareness of I'm ZIDAN (24/7 365 days/year accident support) that provides seamless claim handling processing, including negotiating out-of-court settlement, even at night and on holidays.

In addition, eyeing the advent of a full-fledged mobility society as incorporated in the 'CASE' and 'MaaS' concepts, we are taking a multifaceted approach to both domestic and international markets to create new business models that leverage telematics technology.

As for 'diversity', we are strengthening partnerships we have built up with the Toyota Group, Nissay Group, and other closely-affiliated companies to realize further specific benefits.

As for 'community focus', we have concluded partnership agreements with 245 local governments (as of end-April 2019) to provide support for regional development. These efforts to realize a cohesive society have been well received and for the second consecutive year we have received an award from the Minister of State for Regional Revitalization. We have also expanded collaboration with academia. In addition to cooperative relationships with Gunma University and Shiga University, we have been promoting various initiatives by entering into new partnerships with Sophia School Corporation, Kokugakuin University, Kagawa University, and Saitama University.

These initiatives will be realized through each employee having a sense of pride in his/her work and feeling rewarded through exerting his/her utmost potential and personality by taking on challenges without fear of failure. Specifically, we have been engaged in a number of measures to provide support for employee growth and the development of skills, including promoting a work-life balance, promoting the career development of women, and diversity and inclusion (D&I). We have also put efforts into promoting sports through actively recruiting disabled athletes nationwide. These initiatives earned us the general insurance industry's first ever White Company Award in 2019. We have also been selected as the only financial institution among the list of exemplary companies under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Mental Barrier-Free program, and have been selected for the fourth consecutive year as a Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company.

We will continue to put into practice our Full Support Declaration, emphasizing speed, caring, and reliability, which symbolize our fundamental code of conduct in terms of customer communication, endeavoring to achieve 'a resilient and sustainable society' through contributing to the customers and communities we serve and to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

We hope for your continuing support.